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About Us

At Barnes Music, we know that music enriches life.

People of all ages benefit from music’s ability to relax, stimulate and express the self.
Learning how to play music is an experience that no one should miss and at Barnes Music, you can do this in the hands of tutors who have extensive performance and teaching experience.

Whether you are a parent wanting to give your child the gift of music, a musician with sights set on a professional career, or a mature age student who has always wanted to learn, Barnes Music can provide the experience and education that you need to meet your goals.

Since 1980, Barnes Music has been offering personally-designed music education. We believe that music education should be thorough but still fun. This is why we offer a number of different packages and various opportunities throughout the year for students to aim towards and grow through, while also enjoying themselves.

See our Term Dates for more information on activities such as "recording projects", our “Student Concert” and the exams we offer in ALL styles including rock, pop and jazz.


Click on the links below to find the perfect teacher for you!

Dr Jennifer Barnes
Director of Barnes Music 
Teacher of Singing - Classical and Opera Specialist


Rod Barnes
Director of Barnes Music 
Teacher of Clarinet and Saxophone,
Theory, Musicianship and Music Craft

Rod Bari

Ben Barnes
Teacher of Drums and Guitar


Georgia Hall
Teacher of Singing - Classical and Opera Specialist

Georgie Hall

Rachel Davies
Teacher of Piano & Singing -
Contemporary and Musical Theatre Specialist

Rachel Davies

Heather Price
Teacher of Singing, Electric Bass,
Double Bass, Guitar and Songwriting

Heather Price

Dr Jordan Wett 
Teacher of Piano


Caroline Hill
Teacher of Singing






Aaron Hipwell 
Teacher of Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin

Aaron Hipwell




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