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Learning Fun

Peps Pepper
"Practical advice, strategies that work and teachers who make learning fun." FACEBOOK 13/12/2014

Above average

Alexandra Moss
"Not your average music studio! Quality teaching and reliable advice." 11/12/14

First Experience

Anna Davidson
"My first experience of singng lessons was at the Barnes Music studio with Jenny. Even though I already knew that I loved singing and that I had an ok voice, I'd never performed solo and I was terrified at the prospect. But during my time with Jenny, I was given the opportunity and the nurturing, along with Jenny's expertise, to grow more than I ever could have on my own. I went from a nervous, strictly alto, shy 15 year old girl who cried in her first solo performance soundcheck, to now having recently been featured in my University's Graduation Concert as a High Distinction voice student at the Conservatorium Jenny encouraged me to go to. I could never thank Barnes Music studio enough for their role in and immeasurable contribution to my musical development." 7/1/15

HSC Experience

Alexia Psaltis
"Receiving tuition from Rod greatly improved my competency as a clarinet player. My performance ability increased and I was challenged by the interesting selection ofmusic compositions recommended to me. These experiences contributed to my achievement of a Band 6 on HSC Music 1." 15/1/15