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Barnes Music offers music tuition of the highest quality. As well as your weekly lesson you will have the opportunity to take part in extra activities. Including:

* Annual Concert – all students are given the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice in November, when Barnes Music takes to the stage at “The Dungeon”. This gives all students a taste of performing, the chance to perform as part of a group/band, workshop and rehearsal time with experienced performers and tutors. An annual gig at a fully-professional venue.

* Band Jam Day – all students are given the opportunity to take part in a “Band Jam Day” (mid-year). These jam days give students a taste of working as a group and the chance to enjoy what their instrument is designed to do! In the past, these “Band Jam Days” have been very successful and have provided excellent motivation for the students involved.

* Exams – all students are given the opportunity to prepare for a practical and/or theory exam each year. All teachers are qualified to prepare students for classical or contemporary exams. We find these exams an excellent way to provide a thorough musical education, but we also understand that they are not for everyone. It is each students choice as to whether they would like to participate in these exams.

* Recording – at various times of the year, students are recorded within their lesson in order to keep a log of their progress and also as keepsake for the student. Recording is an excellent way of learning through hearing a students progress and where their playing could also improve.

At Barnes Music we offer some Tuition Packages, designed to help you choose your musical pathway.

Click on one of these packages to find out more, or Contact Us to choose a different pathway that is designed JUST FOR YOU!

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